DTF Transfer Pressing Instructions

  1. Pre-heat your garment for 5 seconds at 290°F to remove excess moisture on fabric.
  2. Align the transfer where you want it. 

  3. Press at medium to firm pressure for 10-15 seconds.
    (Use following settings)
    Temperature to be set to:
    For Cottons. 300 - 310 Degrees Fahrenheit
    For 50/50 Blends 300 – 310 Degrees Fahrenheit
    For Synthetic or Polyesters 260-280 Degrees Fahrenheit

  4. Let the Film cool completely and then peel in a single, smooth motion.

  5. Second press.
    We recommend pressing a second time for 3-5 seconds with a teflon sheet, parchment paper or any other similar type sheet.